Fairlawne Class


Autumn 2019

Term 1 Curriculum Plan


Summer 2019


A review on the Fairlawne summer play


Water Safety


Spring 2019


A trip to Tonbridge Castle and Parish Church was not hampered by the storm conditions!

A great accompaniment to our history topic.


What a lovely day for a (mock) wedding!



We enjoyed our Farmhouse Breakfast where we planned, brought and cooked local produce from the Farmers’ Market.  Many thanks to the Chaser Inn for helping us cook and prepare our delicious meal!



Term 3 Block Plan


Autumn 2018


Fairlawne’s Sustainable Learning:

In class over the past few weeks, Fairlawne have been working in groups to create a sustainable city. Sustainable means we avoid using up natural resources. Fairlawne had a big challenge on their hands.

They had to make their cities and plan them with careful thought. Energy had to be renewable such as solar, windmills and hydro. These particular energy sources where used in almost every city. Food was a big choice. The cities could have gardens on their roofs to grow fruit and vegetables or the cities could have a river so they could have fish. Transport had to be sustainable too. This included walking, cycling or using a creative way to make cars or buses sustainable.

The cities had to include buildings too, such as a hospital, police station, supermarket and many other public and private properties. Nature had to be a big part of the city. If it didn’t have nature it would not be sustainable.

Fairlawne also made a charter for their cities. It had to include their aims for the city. The aims had to be based on the main features of the city: energy, food, waste, transport and nature. Fairlawne had a wonderful time planning, creating and sharing.

(Written up by Elisabeth Year 6)

Creative Writing

Fairlawne visited the woods to inspire some creative writing . . 


Sustainability DT

This week we have completed a DT topic.  We looked at the plastic pollution of crisp packets and set ourselves the challenge of making more environmentally friendly versions.



Summer 2018

Windmill Hill Powerpoint information

Golf at Poultwood


Horton Kirby May 2018


Spring 2018


Autumn 2017


DT Week


Science – Light

Summer  2017

Den Day for Save the Children

Hall Place

DT week – Quiches!

Tudors May 2017

Tonbridge School Athletics May 2017


Detling May 2017

Maths Challenge

Another term has flown by and we are already excitedly looking forward to all the exciting activities and learning that the summer term will bring. Every child has made excellent progress this term and confidence is very high. Children are now independent learners who can carefully identify their own next steps and act on advice from both their peers and the adults that they work with. This has resulted in some fantastic learning and impressive pieces in books.

Next term brings with it our end of key stage 2 tests for year 6. Everyone is working hard to prepare for these assessments: reviewing topics and extending learning where necessary. Lessons in Maths and English will embed and deepen this year’s learning for all year groups and the end of term will bring some exciting independent and group investigation topics in both subjects. We also have several exciting topics planned, starting with Tudor and Stewart Monarchs in History and Sound in Science. Later in the term, our Design Technology week will focus on cookery, when we will plan a healthy meal to enjoy together. In Art, we will develop African Art alongside our Geography topic focusing on the diverse continent of Africa. In RE we will study Sikhism and our musician of the term will be Evelyn Glennie. We will develop our ocarina and percussion skills and will also focus on developing singing skills as we prepare for our end of year production of Hansel and Gretel. The children are already excited about this and are preparing audition pieces before roles are assigned at the beginning of May.

To support our learning in History, we will be visited by Oliver Naylor from Steps in Time, who will act out a Tudor drama before we then visit Hall Place in Bexley, a Tudor House where we will be able to dress up and learn more about the Tudor period. We also have a whole school trip to Port Lympe to look forward to. 

As the year 6 children prepare for their transition to secondary school, we have a number of transition activities planned, including a bus trip to Tonbridge and an ADAD drama at Stocks’ Green School. We will also help the new Reception class children familiarise themselves with their new school and our year 5s are already looking forward to becoming new buddies for the newest members of our school community. This term will end with our production of Hansel and Gretel and our traditional end of year Leavers’ Service.  We can’t wait for all the exciting events this term will hold and look forward to enjoying lots of sunshine so that we can make the most of our school grounds and local area.

Spring 2017

Storytime March 2017

Stay and Play DT February 2017

Creative Writing – The Tear Thief

IMG_3544 IMG_3543 IMG_3542 IMG_3541 IMG_3540 IMG_3539 IMG_3537 IMG_3536 IMG_3534 IMG_3533 IMG_3532 IMG_3531 IMG_3530 IMG_3527 IMG_3526 IMG_3525 IMG_3523 IMG_3522

RE Drama – Jesus heals a blind man

IMG_2307 IMG_2312 IMG_2318 IMG_2327 IMG_2332 IMG_2333 IMG_2335

Steps in Time

IMG_3445 IMG_3415 IMG_3386 IMG_3364 IMG_3348

Learning Journey Spring 2017 A

Learning Journey Spring 2017 B

We have another busy term ahead. Our main topics are the Romans, the Circulatory System and Mountains. To help us learn more about the Romans, we will be visited by ‘Steps In Time’ and will later visit Lullingstone Roman Villa and Eagle Heights. In English, we will be using the books ‘The Tear Thief’ and ‘The Tin Forest’ to inspire both creative and non-fiction writing, something which the children are becoming very skilled at. The enthusiasm and progress made in writing this year has been a pleasure to witness, and I am really looking forward to reading what the children continue to produce. In maths, we will continue to develop skills in using decimals and percentages before extending proficiency with calculations and problem solving. Nearer half term, we will be working with time problems, and weighing and measuring.


In Music, we will continue learning the ocarina before moving onto recorders nearer Easter. Our musician of the term will be Hoch. In Art, we will be developing mosaics and collage work, as well as learning about the work of Hoch, our artist of the term. During the week beginning 20th February, we will be holding another whole-school Design Technology week. Fairlawne Class will be designing and making a range of vehicles, hopefully including a few Roman chariots. In addition to our main learning areas, year 5 will be cooking a delicious Farmers’ breakfast at the Chaser at the end of March  and we will open the classroom for a ‘Class Museum’ at the end of March.


Autumn 16

Collaborative Learning

img_2951 img_2952 img_2953 img_2954 img_2957 img_2959 img_2960 img_2961 img_2962 img_2963 img_2964 img_2965 img_2966 img_2967 img_2968 img_2969 img_2970 img_2971 img_2972 img_2973 img_2974 img_2975 img_2976

Street Child

img_2923 img_2922 img_2921 img_2918 img_2917 img_2915 img_2914 img_2913 img_2912 img_2911 img_2910 img_2909 img_2908

This week, we have started to read the book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. We used Talk 4 Writing to develop and map the first chapter, looking closely at characterisation and description of the Victorian setting.

Stay and Play DT

img_1886 img_1891 img_1902 img_1903 img_1905 img_1922 img_1930 img_2798 img_2803 img_2806 img_2813 img_2824 img_2827 img_2830 img_2834 img_2836 img_2837 img_2838

Talk 4 Writing

img_2634 img_2635 img_2636 img_2637 img_2638 img_2639 img_2640 img_2641 img_2642 img_2644 img_2645 img_2646 img_2648 img_2649 img_2651 img_2653 img_2722 img_2730 img_2731 img_2732 img_2733 img_2734 img_2735 img_2736 img_2737 img_2738 img_2748 img_2749 img_2750 img_2751 img_2752 img_2753 img_2754 img_2755 img_2756 img_2757

Hugh Christie Visit

img_2723 img_2724 img_2725 img_2726 img_2727

Horton Kirby

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Fox visit

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Welcome back to a new school year! Fairlawne Class are already planning many exciting trips for the year, starting with a visit to Horton Kirby Education Centre to investigate the river and learn more about local habitats and classification. This gets us off to a good start in both our Geography and Science topics, bringing learning to life in an engaging way. We will also be exploring our local area and putting ourselves in the shoes of British Wildlife as we read and write using Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox as a stimulus. As part of this, we are looking forward to a visit from Folly Wildlife Rescue, a local charity that cares for wild animals who are sick or in danger, plus the amazing opportunity to meet Vincent the Fox thanks to Amazing Animal Encounters.




Throughout the term, we will be learning to play the ocarina and listening to the music of Benjamin Britten. In Art we will be learning to sketch and use watercolours, and focusing on the work of Monet. In RE we will be looking at the different books and stories in the Bible before moving on to preparing for our traditional Christmas Service in St Giles’s church. We have also planned a whole school Design and Technology week for October, where we will be making moving fairground rides. This is always an exciting project with many different designs being created.

After half term, our topics will change to Victorian Crime and Punishment for history and Environmental Change for Science. As well as our Christmas Service, we will also prepare our class museum and welcome our PCSO into school to explain how laws have changed since Victorian times and give us an insight into modern policing.