School Council

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Our new school council elected in September 2016

Shipbourne school council started as all elections are started, through a democracy. Each person, from every year had the choice of whether they  would like to put their name through to have the chance of being elected.

The candidates then made a manifesto for why they would like to be elected. Some were very personal and others stated some great reasons, but in the end a candidate from each of the eligible ages was selected.

What Has School Council Done This Year?

This year, our School Council has completed many tasks that have helped to improve the school environment and the world around us.

Charity work

Having done charity work already in years gone by, the School Council did very well in their fundraising this year. They organised a school sports afternoon where the students took part in sports activities and games. All of the money raised went to Sport Relief. After the Easter holidays, the school is hosting a Bring and Buy sale. The money raisedwill go to a charity called Cambodia 500 where you give a child a chance to a better life.


On the playground, the school has added more equipment which was chosen by the School Council. The National Lottery helped fund this equipment.