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Autumn 2019


Munch, Crunch, Lunch


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Year 1 Learning Journey


Summer 2019


Footsteps through the Forest


Early Years Learning Journey


Year 1 Learning Journey



Spring 2019


Rumble and Roar

Tinley Stay and Play


Early Years Learning Journey


Year 1 Learning Journey


Out of this world


Early Years Learning Journey


Year 1 Learning Journey


Term 3 Block Plan


Autumn 18

Tinley Class had a wonderful time on their trip to Heavenly Glaze this morning. Making our own teddy bears was a great way to start our new Toys topic.

A Toy’s Story


Early Years Learning Journey


Year 1 Learning Journey




The new starters in Tinley class have settled in very well. We particularly enjoyed a visit from Animalia Encounters.

Summer 18


Teddy Bears Picnic

Early Years Learning Journey


Year 1 Learning Journey


Lambing April 2018

Tinley Class had beautiful weather for their trip to see the lambs at Home Farm today. We asked lots of thoughtful questions and learned a lot about how lambs are born and what happens in their first few weeks of life at the farm.



Early Years Learning Journey


Year 1 Learning Journey


Spring 18



Autumn 17

The beginning of term has been a busy and exciting one in Tinley so far. Our new Reception children have settled in well and are already enjoying their full days at school…..especially lunch time!


We have had fun with Science, learning about air (an invisible gas) and how to make slime. We have also started to explore the autumn season and what changes happen in the weather and the environment. We have made autumn collections and painted with fallen, bruised apples and leaves, with beautiful results.

This term, we have been reading books about food and have shared our food heaven and food hell!

We have read about Charlie and Lola (who is a fussy eater) and Oliver’s Vegetables (he’s also a fussy eater!)

Take a look at our photos and do pop in to class in the coming weeks to see the lovely art work and writing on the walls.

We have also been learning how to take care of the guinea pigs and how to handle them with care. They enjoyed our fallen apples too….and they are NOT so fussy eaters!

We will be investigating foods and where they come from and exploring different recipes, writing our own set of instructions to follow. We will be reading Handa’s Surprise – so don’t share that one at home – or there will be no surprise to discuss!! We will be having a go at writing our own version of the story, becoming authors and illustrators and will be writing poetry.

Our two trips this term will enhance the learning in school, with plenty of opportunity to describe, sequence events, role play, measure, weigh, compare, follow instructions and practise our hand-eye coordination and physical skills.

Harvest time will give us an opportunity to celebrate the food we are blessed with.

However, Christmas is approaching fast and soon we will be turning our thoughts to the Nativity. Watch this space!


Summer 17

Tinley Stay and Play May 2017

Spring 17

Lambing April 2017

Storytime March 2017


Tinley class have been learning about the planets of the solar system. They had a lot of fun making their own planets out of plasticine.

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Learning Journey EYFS

Learning Journey Yr 1



Autumn 16


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A Toy’s Story


Tinley Class have been using their DT skills to make Jack in the Boxes . . .

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Heavenly Glaze Trip

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Learning Journey EYFS

Learning Journey Yr 1


Stay and Play

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Mr Scarecrow


Our two scarecrows have been rehearsing with the class for our Harvest festival.

We’re off on a journey

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Inspired by ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin, we have been painting pictures of things that we might see out of the train window.

Playing Buses

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We have been working hard to draw our own roads on the playground. We even made some bus stops and bus tickets to give to the driver before we get on.

Naughty Bus went for a drive

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We have been reading ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan and Jerry Oke. Our own Naughty Bus was taken for a drive around the school and through lots of different materials. He got a bit stuck in the hair gel!

Autumn is here

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The signs of Autumn are all around us in our lovely school grounds.

New starters

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The Year 1 children have really enjoyed helping their new friends in Reception settle in.

Animal visitors

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We started the new school year with a few furry friends coming to visit.