Tinley Class

Autumn 2021


Star of the Term December 2021

Welcome to our New Term!

Autumn 2020

This week in Forest School the little elves at Forest School made an Elf House for The Naughty Elf.

They were put into Elf Teams with a Year 2 Chief Elf to keep order!  The focus of the activity was to listen

to each other’s ideas, share and work well as a team.

Well, what a fantastic job they did, each team was a winner!

Enjoy the photos and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

We made it at Forest School when we were exploring the autumn leaves, what colours we could find and also why they change colour. All the children helped Miss Aktinson to create our very own Rainbow of Hope.

This week the children created their own class Worry Monster to gobble up any worries!

As part of our Transport topic we have made our own model cars, complete with axles and moving wheels. 

Tinley Class have been enjoying Forest School, especially the lovely weather this week – it certainly makes a change from the drizzle and rain we have experienced the past few weeks.

The children flourished in the sunshine making leaf crowns, having a go at whittling and mixing their own mud paint to find willing people to paint.  We talked about why leaves turn different colours in the autumn and did our best to find red, yellow, green and orange leaves.

The children decided they wanted to create more leaf craft so next week we will be making leaf fireworks, could you please encourage your child to go on a leaf hunt to find lots of different colours to bring into school ready for Forest School next Wednesday.

Thank you.

Spring 2019

Rumble and Roar

Tinley Stay and Play

Autumn 18

Tinley Class had a wonderful time on their trip to Heavenly Glaze this morning. Making our own teddy bears was a great way to start our new Toys topic.

The new starters in Tinley class have settled in very well. We particularly enjoyed a visit from Animalia Encounters.

Summer 18

Teddy Bears Picnic

Lambing April 2018

Tinley Class had beautiful weather for their trip to see the lambs at Home Farm today. We asked lots of thoughtful questions and learned a lot about how lambs are born and what happens in their first few weeks of life at the farm.