Curriculum Plans

At Shipbourne School we nurture life-long learners who move on to secondary education with secure knowledge, skills and understanding having engaged in a curriculum that is broad, balanced and relevant to their needs, interests and future ambitions.

We believe in providing a rich and engaging curriculum which will nurture a love of learning for every individual in preparation for their future.

Together we will:

  • Develop confidence and promote a love for learning.
  • Support learning to help children achieve their best.
  • Support each other to achieve our best for the whole school community

Our children belong to families who are supportive and have high aspirations. Parents are fully involved and are eager to contribute and learn alongside us. Our mixed-age classes further enhance this sense of community and enable children of different ages to learn together in a safe, supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Starting with the National Curriculum, we carefully design a learning journey that will ensure that every child moving through our school is able to develop a sense of curiosity about the world around them whilst acquiring broad and balanced knowledge, skills and understanding across all subjects. Each step of the journey is designed to build on previous learning, with links clearly communicated to the children so that they are supported to remember and use what they already know to take their next steps.

We want our children to be leaders of their own learning: pupils who can communicate confidently and effectively, who ask important questions, know how to find answers, reason competently and have the stamina to reach the end goal without giving up. We ensure that our staff enable this by constructing focused and carefully resourced learning sequences leading to lessons that stimulate and support, as well as providing a safe space to learn and develop; a place where it is necessary to persevere and have the courage to make mistakes so that real learning is guaranteed.