Curriculum Plans

The aim of our school curriculum is to give each child a broad education based on sound concepts in reading, written work and maths, according to each child’s ability. The content of our curriculum is in accordance with that of the National Curriculum 2014. Thus, over a year, a child covers a wide range of subjects and experiences: English, Maths, ICT, Science, R.E based on the Revised Kent Syllabus and foundation subjects including History, Geography, PE, Art and Design Technology, French and Music. PHSE and Citizenship are taught through a cross curricular approach, with our school values being central to everything we do. In addition to the school curriculum, children also have the opportunity to receive private piano lessons during the school day. Our school curriculum is enriched with a variety of activities, outdoors and off-site. We constantly strive to provide children with opportunities to experience the real world and make their learning relevant and enjoyable. Collaboration is encouraged in all learning and the children are taught how to assess their own and others’ work in order to make improvements and set targets. Teacher feedback forms an important part of every child’s learning journey. All yearly plans and subject curricula can be viewed below. These are updated regularly according to need. If you would like to know more about what your child is learning, please speak with the class teacher.

In Reception and Key Stage 1, Reading is taught initially by the teaching of phonics. All children take part in a daily phonics session using the Letters and Sounds Scheme, together with actions from the Jolly Phonics programme, to aid the children’s learning of the individual letter sounds.​ Oxford Reading Tree books are used as reading skills develop, before the children move on to free reading as they approach KS2.



Please find the full Primary National Curriculum here

Art Overview

Computing Overview

DT Overview

English Progression

Foundation Subjects Progression

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Science Progression



2019-2020 Term 3 Curriculum Plan Early Years

2019-2020 Term 3 Curriculum Plan Year 1

Maths Termly and Yearly Plan Year 1

English Plan


2019-2020 Yearly Curriculum Plan

2019-2020 Term 3 Curriculum Plan

Maths Termly and Yearly Plan

English Yearly Plan


2019-2020 Yearly Curriculum Plan

2019-2020 Term 1 Curriculum Plan

Maths Termly and Yearly Plan

English Yearly Plan


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