Pupil Development Team (School Council)


At Shipbourne School, we believe that children have the right to be heard and listened to.  As a family, we nurture this belief and work together to make decisions, have respectful debates and celebrate our community to make sure we have the best experiences during our time together through progress and development.


Through the Pupil Development Team, we also develop the children’s understanding and approach to the core British Values such as Democracy, Respect, Tolerance and Rule of Law.  This also extends to our understanding of the world by developing our position as Global Citizens and the impact we can have on the world.


Every Wednesday, our pupils lead class discussions on current agenda items relating to ourselves, our school and wider global issues and share our ideas and thoughts.


The following Tuesday, all lead PDT members meet with Mrs Harvey to share what was discussed in all classes and joint decisions are made to make improvements and plan events for our community.