The Bourne Partnership Governing Board welcomes applications for membership from all those who will support us in our objectives and will contribute to the strength and success of our school community, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, social standing, educational background, physical disability, religion, faith or sexual orientation. The Board recognises, and takes into account in the selection of appointees to office within the Board, the benefits of diversity, alongside appropriate skills and experience.

Meet The Governing Body

On 2nd September 2019 the Governing Board of the Bourne Partnership was inaugurated to lead Hadlow Primary School and Shipbourne School in a mutually supportive federation.  The Board holds the vision for both schools in mind at all times to ensure strategic leadership while holding the senior leaders to account for pupil wellbeing, attainment, progress, as well as prudent financial management.  We are committed to maintaining the right skills and experience on the board to provide robust, efficient and compliant governance.

The Governing Board works voluntarily on behalf of the federation and meets at least once per school term to receive reports from the senior leaders, share information gathered during monitoring visits, approve policies and discuss the financial status of both schools.

Governors normally serve a four year term.  If you are interested in joining the governing board, please contact the Joint Chairs at

Governor Profiles

Andrew Tittershill: Joint Chair – Co-opted Governor: Science, Finance

Jenny Maydon: Joint Chair – Co-opted Governor: Action Plan monitoring, SEND, Safeguarding, Writing

Pauline Finney: LEA Governor: Vice Chair, EYFS, Maths, Cybersecurity

Stavros Martis: Co-opted Governor: Finance, Pupil Premium, Recovery, Targeted Funding

Ann Windsor: Co-opted Governor: EYFS, Phonics and Reading, PE

Sharon Vanns: Co-opted Governor: Training and Development, Website

Rebecca Morris-Tarry: Co-opted Governor:  Creative Arts, Wellbeing, Behaviour and Attitudes

Stephen Brown: Parent Governor

Hattie McGonagle: Staff Governor