The Bourne Partnership 

On 12 June 2019, the Governing Boards of both Hadlow and Shipbourne Schools voted unanimously in favour of federating the two schools. As of 2 September 2019, the two schools formed the Bourne Partnership, with Mrs Terri Daters as Headteacher at Shipbourne and Miss Nicole Chapman as Headteacher at Hadlow. At a quorate meeting on 2 September 2019, opened by Jude Johnson of The Education People, the two Governing Boards were dissolved and a joint federation Governing Board was inaugurated.


Terri Daters- Shipbourne Headteacher It is a real privilege to be Headteacher at Shipbourne and to have played a part in the formation of the Bourne Partnership. I joined Shipbourne School in 2013 as Senior Teacher and Maths lead, having spent the rest of my teaching career in a much larger local school. Working in a small village school brings with it many exciting opportunities, and it is extremely rewarding getting to know every family so well, as the children grow and ready themselves for the their individual futures. I am very excited to have the opportunity of working collaboratively to ensure the future for our school is bright for everyone that walks through our doors.

Nicole Chapman- Hadlow Headteacher I am overjoyed to be stepping up as Headteacher at Hadlow Primary, as the new Partnership between Hadlow and Shipbourne begins. Since graduating with a degree in Primary Education, I have developed my teaching and leadership in a range of schools and I’m now furthering my expertise by completing a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Despite my leadership role within the school, I am still a dedicated Class Teacher and teach in Cherry Class (Year 2) two days a week. I am passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people and feel both pride and privilege when I know that I have had even the slightest impact in a child’s life. I am very excited about the forthcoming year and beyond.